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Petzl Shines Bright!

Petzl Shines Bright!

2017 saw a complete overhaul of the Petzl Headlamp range with new models, increased brightness across the range, and a USB rechargable core battery usable across the Hybrid range.

The Petzl Tikka is one of the updated Petzl range I have tested and now comes with 200 lumens of power.

I would describe the Tikka 200 as a general-purpose headlamp. Petzl itself describes it as a compact tool for proximity lighting and for some movement. The new 200 model is quite improved, several new features have been added (red light, strobe, extra mode, it is lighter than the previous version), and yet the price is practically the same.


This headlamp features an easily adjustable headband which has an emergency whistle buckle that works alot better than other buckle whistles I’ve come across. The lamp is simple to use, thanks to its single button with which you can quickly and easily select the lighting mode. The housing has the usual tilt feature so you can direct the light.

This lamp uses three standard AAA batteries, and it comes with 3 quality Duracell batteries included. Petzl claims a battery life with the AAA batteries of 60hrs on Max power to 240hrs on the low 5 lumen setting.

It’s also a Hybrid model that is compatible with the Petzl’s CORE rechargeable battery.

The Tikka 200 is equipped with a phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark locator. It charges when the lamp is on and it helps you find the lamp in the dark, see the picture below.

In the above pic you can cee how bright it is with the fence in the background 25m away, so for camp duties and walking trails at night it would be fine and Petzl’s claim of 60m usable lighting on max power would be pretty accurate as I was lighting up trees 50m away.

The red mode preserves night vision and it prevents members of a group from blinding each other. The red mode also features the strobe function and in this mode, it is visible up to 700 meters and can work for up to 400hrs, which in my view is a great feature.

Also to note it is IP-X4 weather resistant rated, ok for for splashes and light rain but not to be submerged.

Another good selling point for the Tikka and other Petzl headlamps is they are compatible with Petzl’s NOCTILIGHT. The Noctilight transforms your headlamp into a very useful lantern (also doubles as a carry case) that gives out a nice diffused light. It has a handy little hanging cord built in so you can hang the lantern inside your tent or from a tree. The combination of the two makes for very versitile lighting.

There’s even room in the bottom of the case to store an extra set of batteries should you need too.

The Tikka 200, model 2017, has an impressive burn time, and it comes with all basic features you need. This is a quality and reliable tool.

Pros:      Good Value                        Cons:   No Lock function

Light weight                                                Water resistant only

Easy to use

Great burn time


Noctilight compatible

Emergency whistle

Glow-in-the-dark locator

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