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Vesuv Hotspot 40 Alcohol Stove


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As simple as it is powerful: the VESUV HOTSPOT 40 Outdoor Alcohol Stove offers a lot for its 16 grams of weight. The carbon felt absorbs up to 40 ml of any alcohol based fuel and is spill-proof. Easily lights up, easily blown out and by screwing the lid the remaining fuel is safely stored for next use.

The non-woven carbon felt resists temperatures up to 1300°C, that’s much higher than the flame’s temperature, which guarantees a long use without deterioration.

Best used with Vesuv Windshields and Evernew Pots for the lightest and most efficient system but can be used with any system.

  • Case materials: Aluminium
  • Absorption material: Carbon felt
  • Dimensions: D60 mm x H22 mm
  • Volume: 40 ml
  • Weight: 16 grams
  • Allowed fuel: All alcohol based liquid fuels
  • Made in the Czech Republic.
  • Windshield not included

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1 review for Vesuv Hotspot 40 Alcohol Stove

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