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Real meals

Absolute Wilderness have Rebranded to Real Meals. They chose this name to reflect the “Real” nature of there meals which are chef-made locally in nelson before being freeze-dried. Once Freeze-dried they retain 99% of there nutrition but weigh only 20% of there original weight.

Of course Cheesy Mash is a favourite with kids but Real Meals has introduced some great new flavours such as Moroccan Tagine, Mexi Nachos and Sri Lankan Curry to name a few. They’ve also added Basmati Rice for bulking up your favourite meal as well snacks and some yummy new breakfast options.

Now alot of people dont mix there meals properly and eat them to soon. Long handled spoons are great for getting right down into the corners of the packets to give it a really good stir once you’ve added the boiling water(or cold for breakfast). And secondly make sure you leave it rehydrating for the 10 minutes, even 15 minutes so you get all the flavours and dont end up with a crunchy meal.

We like sharing our meals, having half each or combine a mash with meal for two. Enjoy!

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