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Sawyer Insect Repellant Done Right

Sawyer Insect Repellant Done Right

Sawyer insect repellents offer superior protection from disease-carrying insects, including the yellow fever mosquito that carries the Zika Virus.

Our odorless permethrin insect repellent for clothing and gear should be your first layer of defense from mosquitoes and ticks.  Permethrin lasts up to 42 days or six washings and does not harm any fabrics or finishes.  This provides a fantastic base layer of protection that easily couples with an effective and comfortable topical for maximum protection.

For areas of extreme bug density, you can rely on MAXI-DEET 100% DEET spray for application to skin, clothing, and mosquito or head nets.

Sawyer’s “Fisherman’s Formula” Picaridin Insect Repellent is gear safe and effective against mosquitoes, ticks, and flies.   Our 20% Picaridin insect repellent is safe for use during pregnancy and on kids as young as six months of age.

Consumer Report Feb 2016 Sawyer Picaridin

Also Sawyer’s Premium FAMILY Controlled Release Insect Repellent significantly reduces the rate of DEET absorption by 67% per application, and extends the duration of its effectiveness. This 20% DEET lotion is our family friendly formula which controls the evaporation of DEET, allowing it to protect you up to 11 hours, in the backcountry or in the backyard.

Available in a variety of sizes including our airline friendly 89ml and our day-pack friendly 15ml tube.

Watch The Video below for more on Sawyers Great Insect Repellant Range.

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