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Aarn Packs on the Te Araroa

Steve and Judy recently walked the South Island Leg of the Te Araroa Trail with their Aarn Packs and after 1200km they were as good as new.

” Judy and I chose Aarn packs for our Te Araroa South Island adventure and we’re so happy we did. The trail was quite a challenge for a 50s somethings couple and the last thing you wanted to think about was your pack. Luckily we didn’t have to as the Aarn packs were so comfortable and well designed with the big balance pockets at the front. You could pick the other Kiwis walking as they were the ones with Aarn packs.

My only recommendation is, if you are buying a pack for a long walk make sure the waist band is small enough that you can still tighten it after you’ve lost more than 5 kgs.
If it ever wears out I’ll buy another Aarn packs! Steve Richards, Jester House.”


                  “ Judy van den Yssel-Richards and Steve Richards of Tasman at the end of their Te Araroa Adventure”


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