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Backcountry Coffee

Backcountry Coffee

Like a good coffee while at a  backcountry hut, camping on a golden sounds beach you’ve kayaked too or during a mountain biking trip through one of your favourite tracks, then your in luck.

There’s loads of good lightweight coffee accessories to help you make that perfect cup of coffee in the outdoors.

GSI, sea to summit, jetboil are a few brands that have some great kit for you coffee connoisseur’s.

The GSI Ultralight Java Drip and Sea to Summit X-Brew Coffee dripper are good options for those of you that want to drip-brew some bold, backcountry bliss.

These two options are lightweight and compact. The Java drip can nest under a standard fuel canister inside your billy while the X-Brew  is a collapsible coffee dripper with a reusable mesh filter. Its compact size and two cup capacity offers an excellent addition to your outdoor camp kitchen. In addition, it fits neatly inside the X-Kettle, along with an X-Mug to create the ultimate outdoor hydration kit.

For those of you that own a jetboil, and there’s a few of you around, they have two Coffee Press options. The Jetboil Coffee press is compatible with the Flash, MicroMo and Zip. The Jetboil Coffee press Grande is compatible with the MiniMo and Sumo stoves. These two turn your Jetboil stove into a french press and the stem detaches from basket so you can stow in your Personal Cooking System cup.

Other options include from GSI include the GSI Java mill so you can enjoy your favorite freshly ground coffee anywhere and two coffee presses.

The Java Coffee Press 900ml is a lightweight, BPA-Free, shatter-resistant, go anywhere press. It includes a 900ml Carafe with a plunging lid and filter and an insulating sleeve with collapsible handle.

Finally the Commuter Java Press gives you freshly pressed coffee or tea in a convenient travel mug thanks to a clever design that replaces the intrusive plunger rod and with a nesting inner sleeve that creates an additional wall of insulation to keep your drink hot. It has a nice spill resistant top and sealable spout as well as a insulated foam sleeve to make drinking on the go safe and easy.

So no matter what the adventure you dont have to settle for an instant coffee!.

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